land castle voxel

The Metaverse

Scoobiverse is composed with 6 realms and a stronghold in the middle which is bounded and protected on the north by the Pathfinder realm, on the east by the Visionary, the west by the Guilds, on the south east by the Heavens and on the south west by the Brave realm. In the center you have the Heart which is the main gateway to enter into the Scoobiverse.

land house voxel
1st & 2nd WaveAchieved βœ…

The House

Lost in the middle of the Transylvanian forest, this tumbledown structure is coming from the first comic NFT episode "Bite Coin Quest" where princess Cezee is leaving with her cats being chased by the bones gang. Scoobi's adventure begins there.
land house voxel

land castle voxel
3rd & 4th WaveAchieved βœ…

The Castle

Draculon Musk's mansion with two towers showing his Tesla logo upside down representing vampire tooth and protecting himself with technologies done by his twin brother who is a scientist.

land swamp voxel
5th & 6th WaveAchieved βœ…

The Swamp

The Swamp is where the Compt'hood Wood is, right in the middle of the Transylvanian forest, close to the tumbledown house of the princess Cezee. First apparition is in the fourth comic NFT episode "Gang Bong". Scoobi and Snoop's adventure begins there.
land swamp voxel

land spaceship voxel
7th & 8th WaveAchieved βœ…

The Spaceship

Vitalik's Spaceship well known under the codename the Etherik ship, it has a similar shap as the USS Enterprise it loves settling bases on moons.

land red planet voxel
9th & 10th WaveAchieved βœ…

The Red Planet

The Red planet is where all can happen, where every body want to go and be the first to Colonize it and claim it's ownership, a war is going on between Bulls and Bears because both of those Guilds want to have the Red Planet for themselves.
land swamp voxel

land Scoobi and kangal, no more coming
Other WaveNot anymore... πŸ“…Finish

10 Waves

Concluded during the beginning of 2022 with 5 famous places coming straight from Scoobi adventure's world unlocking special content in and out the Scoobiverse. Every Scoobi Land NFT holder has special privileges and generate tokens income. Secret actions:
Hold 10M $Scoobi to get a quarterly ComicNFT drop.
Buy a limited edition of the Scoobi ComicNFT book to receive it physically NFC linked.
land Scoobi and kangal, no more coming

How many supplied? 

There is only 640 LANDS available. Exclusively 320 LANDS has been sold through 10 waves during 10 weeks. Dogs who participated in the sale holding $Scoobi at the same time received an unique EXTRA NFT.

More details can be found on our blog.

How to get one? 

There is 3 ways to be able to own a Scoobi Land parcel NFT. Either Buy one or either Provide liqudity or participate in Giveaways.

Top 250 liquidity providers (at snapshot end of January 2022) will be rewarded on February 14th 2022 with a Scoobi Land parcel in our unique Minecraft server. More details can be found on our blog and a detailed tutorial on how to buy within 6 step can be found here.
top250 liquidity providers

How to Buy? 

Starting in 2022, we will be selling Scoobi lands by waves. They will be conducted weekly starting on the fifth week of the year (January 31, 2022) until the fifteenth week (April 11, 2022).

To buy any NFT more info can be found here.
  • Sold 17/32 - 0.0625 ETHAchieved βœ… 31.01.22 1st wave
  • Sold 7/32 - 0.09 ETHAchieved βœ… 07.02.22 2nd wave
  • Sold 9/32 - 0.12 ETHAchieved βœ… 14.02.22 3rd wave
  • Sold 1/32 - 0.15 ETHAchieved βœ… 21.02.22 4th wave
  • Sold 0/32 - 0.18 ETHAchieved βœ… 28.02.22 5th wave
  • 07.03.22 6th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.21 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 21.03.22 7th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.24 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 28.03.22 8th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.27 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 04.04.22 9th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.3 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 11.04.22 10th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.33 ETHAchieved βœ…
⚠️ The Scoobiverse is divided up into tokenized parcels of land, which can be purchased, rented out, and developed by players! β›” Only 32 Scoobi LAND for sale for each wave! Prices will increase for at least 10% after each wave.


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