Scoobi Comic Book NFT

Comic Book NFT

These series are following Scoobi in his adventures to find the Bite Coin Quest.There are 3 editions, 2 of them are physical books linked to NFT with very limited supply. The last edition is the Purple Unlimited one, which is not linked to any NFT and distributed through Amazon online stores.

Scoobi Comic Page NFT
ERC 1155


Pages of each Book are als NFT forest, this tumbledown structure is coming from the first comic NFT episode "Bite Coin Quest" where princess Cezee is leaving with her cats being chased by the bones gang. Scoobi's adventure begins there.
Scoobi Comic Page NFT

land house voxel nft
ERC 721


Draculon Musk's mansion or the tumbledown house of Princess Cezee to the Spaceship of Vitalik, different locations and 3 size are available.

scoobi opensea extra collection
ERC 1155


Other famous artifact Scoobi EXTRA NFT are unlocked by LAND buyers during our wave sales. 10 unique relic will give you special privileges if you have them. Classified actions:
Limited to wave chaser.
privileged unlock unique perks every season.
scoobi opensea extra collection

hadware voxel

The beauty

The Scoobiverse, backbone of the ecosystem is based on Minecraft technology merged with the power of the blockchain to bring gamers into our unique crypto economy model.

Our server:

How many supplied? 

There is only 8578 PAGES available. Exclusively 728 GOLD and 7850 SILVER. More details can be found on our blog.
There is only 640 LANDS available. Exclusively 320 LANDS will be sold through 10 waves during 10 weeks. Dogs who participate in the sale holding $Scoobi at the same time will receive an unique EXTRA NFT. More details can be found on our blog.
There is only 116 BOOKS available. Exclusively 16 GOLD and 100 SILVER of each Act will ever be minted. More details can be found on our blog.
There is only 1 SCooBi The Chosen available. He is the ONLY of it's kind. Don't even think about it, he is PRICELESS. More details can be found on our blog.

How to get one? 

There is 3 ways to be able to own a Scoobi NFT. Either Buy one or either HODL at least 10M SCooBi for airdrop or participate in Giveaways.

top250 liquidity providers

How to Buy? 

Starting in 2022, we will be selling Scoobi lands by waves. They will be conducted weekly starting on the fifth week of the year (January 31, 2022) until the fifteenth week (April 11, 2022).

To buy any NFT more info can be found here.
  • Sold 17/32 - 0.0625 ETHAchieved βœ… 31.01.22 1st wave
  • Sold 7/32 - 0.09 ETHAchieved βœ… 07.02.22 2nd wave
  • Sold 9/32 - 0.12 ETHAchieved βœ… 14.02.22 3rd wave
  • Sold 1/32 - 0.15 ETHAchieved βœ… 21.02.22 4th wave
  • Sold 0/32 - 0.18 ETHAchieved βœ… 28.02.22 5th wave
  • 07.03.22 6th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.21 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 21.03.22 7th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.24 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 28.03.22 8th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.27 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 04.04.22 9th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.3 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 11.04.22 10th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.33 ETHAchieved βœ…
⚠️ The Scoobiverse is divided up into tokenized parcels of land, which can be purchased, rented out, and developed by players! β›” Only 32 Scoobi LAND for sale for each wave! Prices will increase for at least 10% after each wave.


Unique NFT


Comic NFT


SCooBiLand NFT


SCooBi Total NFT




Gold NFT