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  • first name : SCooBi
  • last name : Doge
  • Nationality : Earth
  • Type : Animal
  • Family : Dog
  • Guild : Bone Gang
  • Clan : Bull
  • languages : Woof-ish


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What it's all about?

It's a community driven story comic NFT project combined to a play to earn gaming project, The Scoobiverse, the backbone of the ecosystem which will help to onboard Minecraft gamers into our unique crypto economy model.
First of all the comic books follows the adventure of Scoobi Doge our mascot into his crypto quest meeting various well known characters. Each page and each comic book have a limited version, which is gold and silver, and are linked to NFTs.

The full comic books have also a gold and a silver version, which are coupled with a limited amount of NFTs. There is a purple edition which is unlimited and not linked to any NFT, these purple edition will be sold in physical and virtual stores everywhere in the world and revenue generated through that stream will be used to develop the project over time. We will release 2 to 4 act per year.

"We are proud to be part of the ShibArmy and we are looking forward to collaborate and help the ShibArmy in any ways. Scoobi the chosen one is waiting impatiently for the Shibarium blockchain layer 2 to be up and running, as soon as it is, we will migrate asap Scoobi Doge to the Shibarium."

- the Scoobi Team

Some of these NFT will be airdropped to reward long term holders, diamond hands who are never selling Scoobi tokens, or at least not all their bag. They need to hold a minimum of 10M $SCooBi and weight of each holder is calculated by a custom-made algo.

It is taking into account amount of Scoobi held on each chain, the LP provided (which will give you even more boost to your weight) and the amount of time you have been holding those tokens. If you sell all the Scoobi you are holding, your weight level will not be reset to zero, your past holding length will be always taken into account. The calculation is the total amount bought multiplied by the amount of hours that you have held them.

What about the ScooBi verse?

End game, if we get enough revenue to achieve it, would be to have, in parallel with the Minecraft and Sandbox servers, a turn-based card game where you will be able to play with each episodes. Not a simple card game because these NFT episodes (cards) will give you a combo of several spells and attacks based on the amount and the type of characters, panels and scenes that are represented in that episode.

At that moment we might add an NFT multiplying system. As we are building a multi token ecosystem mechanism, a second token which will be generated by players to create a play to earn ecosystem with those NFT, an Axie-like economic system, focusing on PHLC (Play, Help, Learn and Craft) earnings.

Each users will load their account through our Metaverse Exchange and a percentage of all tokens generated through our exchange will go to Scoobi Land holders. For the First sale phase only 320 of those very unique Scoobi Land parcel are available. For time being, concerning the other part of the metaverse sphere, we are working on making all Scoobi NFTs available to Scoobi NFT owner in our Minecraft server and Sandbox lands.

What about the Sandbox and Minecraft?

We have now set up a Minecraft server ( to target the 600 millions players from the Minecraft community. The Minecraft world is 3 times bigger than the crypto community in term of users. This is part of our strategy to onboard new minecraft gamers, which is a fantastic community of builders, into the crypto sphere.
Our Minecraft server with all Scoobi Land plots is up and running, available here:

Top 250 liquidity provider have been rewarded with a Scoobi Land parcel NFT, although there was only 57 addresses eligible to receive the LANDdrop (First phase). We have been selling batches of the remaining 320 Scoobi Land parcel NFT of our Visionary Realm following closely the reward for the Liquidity Quest (Second phase).

As soon as possible we will import our assets in the Sandbox environment. We have also applied to their Game Maker Fund and their Creator Fund, we are looking forward to get a positive decision.

What are Scoobi Land parcels?

They are part of our world, we are building a metaverse where each owner will be rewarded every week. Only 320 of 640 parcels in our Visionary Realm will be available for the first phase. Token generated by users loading their in-verse account will be used in the Scoobiverse to buy many type of items, perks and vip ranks.

In a second phase, we are aiming to implement a scholarships system, where an asset holder will be able to manage some scholars to generate more revenue for the good of the ecosystem.

Accessible on our Minecraft server, Scoobi Lands are designed to be cross-platform and therefore cross-play. At some point they will be available on Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, SideQuest (VR), Sandbox and various ecosystems to bring accessibility to our environment to everyone in the world. By owning one of those LAND you can already show it through a browser which bring possibility to open it with QR codes and NFT tag easily.

This way you are able to show your plot and construction on it to anyone from you smartphone. We are also trying to make it cross platform gaming, but this demands a lot of work before it will be ready. Hopefully, one day, each user in our Metaverse will have the great opportunity to meet/fight/help against someone who's based on another platform.

How to get a Scoobi Land parcel?

Top 250 liquidity providers (at snapshot that happened end of January 2022) have been rewarded with a Scoobi Land parcel in our unique Minecraft server and Sandbox Genesis district. Also the 50 first addresses that provided at least 0,1 ETH (plus corresponding amount of SCooBi tokens) to liquidity pool on Uniswap (Ethereum), Pancakeswap (Binance) or Quickswap (Polygon) got a Scoobi Land parcel.

57 LP was eligible at the time of snapshot, they were loyal and didn't withdraw their liquidity until the snapshot was performed on January 31, 2022. There will be only 640 Scoobi Land parcels in our Genesis district and it will have the highest harvesting rate.

How to get a Scoobi Comic NFT?

Hold 10M (10'000'000) SCooBi (at snapshot) and you will be rewarded with a Scoobi ComicNFT of the next act released (max 4 act per year so max 4 snapshot per year).

Roadmap & Deadlines

  • 🖼️
    Q4 2023On Standby
    Scoobi Comic NFT Our Comic NFT act 3 is planned for end of the year 2023

    Another Scoobi comic book of 14 new episodes will be released and available on Amazon. As usual the snapshop will be done right after the last episode is released and the common Comic NFT Act 3 Airdrop for holders with at least 10M $Scoobi will be concluded.

  • 🏭
    Q3 2023On Standby
    Scoobiverse Improvement Improvements on our servers will be done during Q3 2023

    Our Metaverse will need to be improved to offer the best quality ever to our users. We are really concerned by this point and hope to have the lowest downtime ever and the best latency to provide a good experience to all users.

  • 🎮
    Q2 2023On Standby
    Scoobiverse events Events in our metaverse will start during April 2023

    Users will be able to /event apply to pair up, we will add things like acid island survival or a skygrid survival with money prizes, hunting seasons, town-takeover events, screenshot events, factions floating island split event, mcMMO triple-hours or double-xp weekends or quests with top 3 players that week get X prizes, also we will host different build events, one of thoe will be where players got access to a world called theirName, which will be a copy of our spawn and they got to decorate it for the season, like spring, summer, winter, christmas, etc. We will do Hardcore/starvation events for few weekend, teams will need to achieve a distance before monday morning (as a team). Alse user weekends, where players suggest features that they want, and we will see to add them.

  • 🖼️
    Q2 2023On Progress
    Scoobi Comic NFT Our Comic NFT act 2 is planned for end of June 2023

    A book of 14 new episodes will be released and available on Amazon. Snapshop will be done right after the last episode is released and the common Comic NFT Act 2 Airdrop for holders with at least 10M $Scoobi will be concluded.

  • 🌎
    Q1 2022Achieved ✅
    Scoobi Land Sale Waves sale will start end of January 2023

    Our Land parcel sale will have 10 waves. 5 different types of locations and 3 sizes. One extra NFT, an exclusive artifact, will be included with each wave.

  • 🎮
    Q1 2023On Standby
    Scoobiverse Development Beta ongoing since November 2021

    Our Metaverse based on a Minecraft server combines 5 realms which are accessible through PC, MAC, Android, Iphone, PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Connected to blockchain, Comic NFT are accessible ingame and all players have a wallet ready to use.

  • 🏙️
    Q1 2023Delayed
    Game and Showroom SCooBi full dApps Ecosystem

    Continuation upgrades and development.

  • 🌱
    Q4 2021Achieved ✅
    Game Release Public beta release

    NFTdrop to a top 250 LP holders. Lucky ones will receive 2 Scoobi Land parcels.

  • 🖼️
    Q4 2021Achieved ✅
    Marketplace New marketplace will be released to trade you SCooBi NFTs

    Property of the community, this tool will allow our NFTs to be freely tradable on our own marketplace.

  • 🎮
    Q3 2021Achieved ✅
    Game Development Beta scheduled for February 2022

    Initially our first 2D game, a rogue likegame, was supposed to be presented to the public. But we have changed direction and we decided to start developing the Scoobiverse instead.

  • 🏭
    Q3 2021Achieved ✅
    NFT Contract Deployment and minting will be available

    One of our biggest surprise for our Fellas Dogees. Community Driven and ethereum earning! What else?

  • 🏆
    Q2 2021Achieved ✅
    Contest and Tournaments NFT Design contest, Short Story Writing, Sound

    We are a comic NFT DAO and we will develop a complete ecosystem for Comic promotion. The Community will can submit to the their production for contests and many more other surprises.

  • 🤳
    Q2 2021⚠️ Changed goal
    Tik Tok Launch of the marketing campaign

    preparation of the marketing campaign and increase of our presence on social networks. Production of media content such as: Music, Videos, Short film, teaser and a NFT for a special sale. Couln't launch the campaign on Tik Tok because they didn't allow us so we decide to change our goal.

  • 👨‍💻
    Q2 2021⚠️ Changed goal
    Tik Tok SCooBi Doge Filters development

    Creation of our own filter for Tik Tok. It was supposed to be released soon but Tik Tok banned our marketing campaign so we decided to change our strategy

  • 📝
    Q2 2021Achieved ✅
    Submission done Etherscan, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Blockfolio

    Etherscan, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Blockfolio unfortunately it takes a long time

  • 🥃
    Q2 2021Achieved ✅
    Snapshot Several Snapshot done

    Our Fellas Dogees, our early-birds, our diamond hands and our what you want, you will be reweaded with some lottery, NFTs Drop ans more surprises. We will never forget you!

  • ✏️
    Q2 2021Achieved ✅
    Comic Development 4 Scripts written

    M ysteries, cryptocurrencies, CZ, Elon Musk, Tom Lee, Tony Vays, Micheal Novogratz, Space, dogs and more dogs! The Lore and the universe are posed. We have the storyboards, which will be our first collection of NFTs. This comic strip will have the right to a remake made by a professional cartoonist

  • ✅
    April 2021Achieved ✅
    contract Deployment Apr-22-2021 01:06:37 AM UTC

    And the new king of all dogs is born.

Team & Advisors


Crypto veteran ERC20 expert


Videast Dramatic Art


Marketing Story teller


DevOps Blockchain Expert


Designer Artist since 2010