scoobi collection on opensea


To become a Scoobi LAND owner you will need to go on Opensea opensea logo the rising star of NFT marketplaces.
Download a web3 wallet, the most famous is Metamask opensea logo
Save your seed will be the same incentive for those who stake these tokens.
Set Network web3 has many networks, Ethereum is the most famous and second is Polygon.

The Map

land castle voxel
With a total area of 7'744'000 m2 divided into 640 plots. There is 3 sizes available. Reveal of the size is done at the end of each wave. More info on our blog here.

More Help

If you never bought a NFT you will need to familiarize with this technology named Web3. It allows you to get back your financial FREEDOM on internet.
Speak with us in our group chats.

More Details 

Starting in 2022, we will be selling Scoobi lands by waves. They will be conducted weekly starting on the fifth week of the year (January 31, 2022) until the fifteenth week (April 11, 2022).

To learn how to buy any NFT more info can be found here.
  • Sold 17/32 - 0.0625 ETHAchieved βœ… 31.01.22 1st wave
  • Sold 7/32 - 0.09 ETHAchieved βœ… 07.02.22 2nd wave
  • Sold 9/32 - 0.12 ETHAchieved βœ… 14.02.22 3rd wave
  • Sold 1/32 - 0.15 ETHAchieved βœ… 21.02.22 4th wave
  • Sold 0/32 - 0.18 ETHAchieved βœ… 28.02.22 5th wave
  • 07.03.22 6th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.21 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 21.03.22 7th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.24 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 28.03.22 8th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.27 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 04.04.22 9th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.3 ETHAchieved βœ…
  • 11.04.22 10th wave Sold 0/32 - 0.33 ETHAchieved βœ…
⚠️ The Scoobiverse is divided up into tokenized parcels of land, which can be purchased, rented out, and developed by players! β›” Only 32 Scoobi LAND for sale for each wave! Prices will increase for at least 10% after each wave.

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